Sidmouth Sea Fest

Sidmouth Sea Fest

The current main activity of the Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub is the annual Sidmouth Sea Fest event.

Visit the Sea Fest website here –

From Sidmouth Sea Fest comes a number of connected year round projects that widen participation, and increase understanding and education of the key principles of Responsible Tourism and the priorities of Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub as listed in the organisations Aims.

Examples of this activity are regular workshops linked to the key areas of Sea Fest; Creativity on the Coast, the Fish Kitchen, the Sea Fest Community Choir, Heritage Exhibition, and the Sidmouth ‘Woolleys’ Fishermen’s Sweaters knitting project. These activities connect Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub to local, national and international partners through working projects and funded programmes.

Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub has begun to work with partners locally and in Europe on branding and merchandise opportunities to generate sustainable income and provide match financial commitments to grant funded programmes to support our vision to increase the number of projects that we run.

Sidmouth Sea Fest is the outward example of our vision of what might happen in a redeveloped, open and functioning Drill Hall.

Sidmouth Sea Fest is owned and run by Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub CIC – promoting Responsible Tourism and community engagement.

Sidmouth Sea Fest 2015

A massive thank you to everyone that made Sidmouth Sea Fest 2015 such a great success. We had a fantastic weekend throughout with many people joining us to celebrate all things in, on and from the sea.  Thank you to over 40 shops in Sidmouth that took part in our Sidmouth Sea Fest Fish Hunt, all the performers, stall holders, and our volunteers.

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