Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub CIC

Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub CIC

A Community Interest Company (CIC) ‘Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub C.I.C.’, has been approved for trading by Companies House.

What is the Drill Hall Hub CIC?

Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub CIC (Community Interest Company) is a community organisation.

Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub CIC grew out of the campaign that was run between January 2012 and March 2013 to stop the demolition of Sidmouth Drill Hall, Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub devises, sources, and delivers projects that focus on community engagement, local economic growth, the coast, creativity and the arts, sustainability, and responsible tourism.

Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub CIC supports a responsible, considered and sustainable development of Port Royal and the Eastern Town of Sidmouth. We believe that such development and regeneration comes from maximising existing assets in order to establish an appropriate and inclusive environment that will lead to long-term community led redevelopment. To that end, we believe that regeneration of the area is best served via restoring and opening the Drill Hall at Port Royal as a community meeting, eating, arts, and heritage space.

Who are we?

The board of Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub CIC consists of members of the community of Sidmouth that have the skills, knowledge and background to deliver on the organisation’s Aims and Objectives.

If you would like to meet the board, read minutes or reports, are interested in becoming a board member or patron, or think you might be able to help with board activity then please register as a Friend of Sidmouth Drill Hall and get in touch.

What do we do?

Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub CIC (SDHH) is a community development company that supports a range of activities connected to the greater understanding of the heritage, land rights, usage, and existing potential of the eastern end of Sidmouth and the redevelopment of the area based on a responsible relationship with the coast, fishing and the sea.

Sidmouth Drill Hall

SDHH is working towards the redevelopment of the Drill Hall building located at the far eastern end of Sidmouth seafront as a coastal community centre. SDHH believes that from a functioning Drill Hall will follow full inclusive regeneration of the Port Royal area that will support the local community and visitors along the principles of Responsible Tourism and Sustainable Development.

The key objective of SDHH is the promotion of the fishing heritage of Sidmouth and the Devon coast and the promotion of education on fisheries, inshore fishing, locally sourced produce, sustainability and protection of the marine environment.

SDHH will continue to work towards attaining a lease on the Drill Hall building from East Devon District Council. Through that SDHH will grow as a company that delivers an increasing number of community projects and commercial activities linked to inshore fishing.

Sidmouth Sea Fest

The current main activity of the SDHH is the annual Sidmouth Sea Fest event –

Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub owns and runs Sidmouth Sea Fest.

From Sidmouth Sea Fest comes a number of connected year round projects that widen participation, and increase understanding and education of the key principles of Responsible Tourism and the priorities of SDHH as listed in the organisations Aims.

Examples of this activity are regular workshops linked to the key areas of Sea Fest; Creativity on the Coast, the Fish Kitchen, the Sea Fest Community Choir, Heritage Exhibition, the Sidmouth ‘Woolleys’ Fishermen’s Sweaters knitting project and the Fish Hunt with the Chamber of Commerce. These activities connect SDHH to local, national and international partners through working projects and funded programmes.

SDHH has begun to work with partners locally and in Europe on branding and merchandise opportunities to generate sustainable income and provide match financial commitments to grant funded programmes.


Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub is a partner in the EU ‘TourFish’ project.

Click here to find out more about TourFish.

What are the Aims of the CIC?

Please click here to read the Aims of Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub CIC.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, a patron, friend, stakeholder, or in joining our board then we would love to hear from you.

Or become a Friend of Sidmouth Drill Hall.

Thank you.

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Please Note: At February 2016 we will be concentrating on supporting the Sidmouth Town Council ‘Neighbourhood Plan’. To that end we will contribute all findings from our work on the Drill Hall campaign to date, including outcomes from the Sidmouth Sea Fest event and the EU TourFish project, to the Neighbourhood Plan Chair and Steering Group but will not look to focus attention on the restoration of the Drill Hall being paramount within the Neighbourhood Plan. While we maintain the best route to full, ground up and inclusive regeneration of the Port Royal area for the long-term is best approached via restoration and opening of the Drill Hall as a focal hub of activity for the town that will draw full engagement into the process of regeneration of the area, we believe the Neighbourhood Plan is the best opportunity that Sidmouth has perhaps ever had to take control of its own destiny and shape a positive future for all and it is important that everyone from all groups gets fully behind that process.

1905 postmark detail

Drill Hall saved Herald 080313 Interior_front view_02 s

Architect's vision phase 2 Drill Hall exterior front (c) Alex Vick

Architect’s vision phase 2 Drill Hall exterior front (c) Alex Vick


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