A New Future for the Drill Hall or Demolition?

Exterior view_01

In 1895, Mr George Radford donated a piece of land near the Ham for a new building to be built. This was to be called ‘The Drill Hall’. Mr & Mrs R Hatton-Wood of ‘Belmont’ advanced money for the building work, £1,650. The building was opened on Tuesday 15th October 1895.

At a meeting of East Devon District Council’s cabinet on Wednesday 7th December 2011, council members approved a motion that the building be demolished and a car park built on the vacant site.

That application can be viewed at http://planning.eastdevon.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=neighbourComments&keyVal=MBXVKEGH09100

We strongly believe that the Drill Hall and all of its 118 year history should be preserved and regenerated for the present community, visitors to the town, and for future generations.

When the Drill Hall was build in 1895 it was the point at which young men from across the area met as Volunteers to train and learn team building and much more. Soldiers that landed on Dunkirk in 1944 returned to the UK coast and many were housed at the Drill Hall. It should be saved, regenerated and given to the future generations of Sidmouth.

It would in turn protect and regenerate the remaining fishing industry in Sidmouth that is based with the Bagwells at Sidmouth Trawlers.

Read more in A New Future?

Drill Hall interior 1


One thought on “A New Future for the Drill Hall or Demolition?

  1. Fantastic news that Sidmouth Drill has a chance to become a vibrant community hub. Looking forward to an inclusive community regeneration project to realise the vision.

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